Friday, June 24, 2011

I Fail to Understand...

I don't understand how this chain of logic works - they are white supremacists because they wear white shirts? Is that all it takes? Are these children really being denied their education for any amount of time because they wore commercially available blank white shirts? The same style of shirt that has been available since the early industrial age?

Blank white shirts = white supremacy?


The educators involved in this decision should be horsewhipped. It shows a blatant disregard for the students under their care, as well as demonstrating an appalling lack of judgement and character.

If people wear sleeveless white shirts, do we assume they are domestic abusers? If they wear shirts with music group logos, do we assume they are musicians or roadies?

I hope that the students involved in this travesty of justice retain good attorneys, and that the "adults" that passed this sentence are removed from their positions of authority at once. They are clearly too ignorant to be allowed to supervise the education and care of children of any age.

Comments welcome.  Disapprobation expected (though I imagine it would be difficult in this case).


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