Saturday, May 28, 2011

Submission Guidelines

For those of you interested in contributing to this fine magazine, the following guidelines should be met for an article to be considered.

Your article should contain no more than 1500 words, or should be split into multiple parts, each containing no more than 1500 words.

You should select a nom de gare - you may choose your own name if you choose.  You should also select a picture for yourself.  If you do not, we will be glad to select one for you, subject to your approval.

No profanity, please. 

Controversial subjects are permitted (indeed, they are encouraged), as long as the article makes clear that the opinions stated in the article are your opinions. This publication reserves the right to add any disclaimers it feels necessary to work of a sensitive nature - healthy and robust debate are the cornerstones of any intellectual conversation, but we must make sure that our more sensitive readers are able to avoid articles that might upset them.

Please use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Conversational grammar is permitted (we are informal in that respect), but spelling and punctuation are marks of careful and considerate authorship.  Liquid Ether assumes that your opinions are well-reasoned and not meant to deliberately offend.  Please prove us right. 

Liquid Ether respects the time, effort, and creative strength that goes into every article submitted.  Articles will always appear in their entirety, with adjustments made only for spelling, grammar, syntax, or clarity.  In regards to clarity disputes, you will be contacted for permission before any adjustments are made.  All articles published on Liquid Ether are still considered the intellectual property of the authors, with exceptions made for links, copied material, or artwork.  Those items remain the intellectual property of their original authors, and no challenge to their ownership is intended.

Please send all submissions to  You will be notified if your article is accepted, and will be informed of the day it will appear.


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