Thursday, May 14, 2009

Contributors to Liquid Ether

The Editor has been with this publication since its inception, and is a connoisseur of cigars and comestibles. He contributes to the Smoking Room, and oversees and edits work from all contributors. He is an amateur card player and pool enthusiast. Queries, complaints, advertisements, and general persiflage can be directed to him by way of electronic mail.

Lee Strong is the Librarian for Liquid Ether. He provides book reviews and original fiction for the Victorian enthusiast. His articles appear sporadically, but are always appreciated, and worth the wait. Questions and comments to him should be sent care of the editor, at his request.

The Governess is Liquid Ether's etiquette specialist, and a mother of five. She is an amateur seamstress and chef, and a puzzle and gaming enthusiast. Her column, "The Governess," appears irregularly in this publication, and deals with whatever instruction and discipline she feels our readers require. Questions and comments to her should be sent care of the editor, at her request.

Bruce Kingsford is this publication's resident chess enthusiast and bartender. His chess puzzles appear every Monday, and on Fridays readers can be introduced to one of his exotic alcoholic concoctions in his column titled "Behind the Bar." Other articles dealing with chess and beverages are contributed sporadically. Questions and comments to Mr. Kingsford should be sent care of the editor, at his request.

Lord Magna is the lifestyle columnist for Liquid Ether. He brings all the needed qualifications - he is stuffy and old-fashioned, to say nothing of impeccably well-dressed. His articles focus on behaving like a true gentleman in our modern times. Questions and comments to Lord Magna should be sent care of the editor, at his request.

Ryan Parson was Liquid Ether's resident Sommelier, and contributed sporadically with his column "Budget Snobbery." He is an amateur director and screenwriter for the moving pictures. Mr. Parson has left the employ of this magazine, and the staff wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.


Jennifer said...

My dear Editor:
My, have you grown old! I pray that time will be more gentle with me.

My dearest Governess:
While we all like to believe we look different then we are, remember this very important point: A true lady excepts how she looks and works with what she has. My dear, that hat is just not becoming on you! I insist you get a new milliner!

With all regards,
The Countess

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